A indoor wood shop means we never ship wet, rotted or bug filled wood. Our best wood for smoking is properly seasoned and aged and the highest quality in the nation!

Why buy from our Cooking Store? 

1.) The owner is a college degreed Professional Horticulturist. You receive the best advice with trees and nature and uses in cooking.

2.) We are the ONLY indoor firewood corporation in the nation. This keeps your product INDOORS out of natures elements. This insures you a drier and much higher quality product. You will always pay much more for a wet product others ship you.

3.)  Shipping included

4.) We only use Organic control in our facility for cleaner wood and is always very safe for you and your family.

5.) The owner will personally custom cut and prepare your order for better accuracy and pride.

best smoking wood


Pinion wood

Pinion wood (also spelled Pinyon wood, Pinon wood) is a great firewood for sale for your chiminea or outdoor fireplace. The is a unique firewood that originates in the southwest United States and is used a wonderful wood for smell. Most people know the smell in the air when they are in the Santa Fe area, but one reason it smells so well is because of the pinion wood being burned in fireplaces and stoves in the area. To buy Pinion wood now CLICK HERE The nice thing about pinion wood for sale is that it is a long burning pine firewood. How long? Well, that can't be configured but compared to Ponderosa Pine, pinyon wood burns much longer. Ponderosa...

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The best wood for Smoking

When you choose a great smoking wood it is best to look for the correct wood to use with what you are going to be cooking.  There are various best wood for smoking options that may work well with one type of smoked food and a cooking wood that won't work well. So, first let's take a look at grilling and smoking fish. To order the best wood for smoking Now CLICK HERE Fish is delicate so it is important to not use a smoking wood that is overbearing. The types of smoking wood that is not recommended for grilling fish is smoking woods like hickory wood and mesquite wood. For example, mesquite wood is so powerful it will overtake...

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