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Why buy from our Cooking Store? 

1.) The owner is a college degreed Professional Horticulturist. You receive the best advice with trees and nature and uses in cooking.

2.) We are the ONLY indoor firewood corporation in the nation. This keeps your product INDOORS out of natures elements. This insures you a drier and higher quality product. You will always pay much more for a wet product others ship you.

3.)  Shipping included

4.) We only use Organic control in our facility for cleaner wood and is always very safe for you and your family.

5.) The owner will personally prepare your order for better accuracy and pride.

best smoking wood

Upchurch Firewood and Smoking Wood ™ is the nationwide distributor of the best smoking wood, winter fireplace firewood for sale, camping trips, cooking wood and pinion wood. Our premium fruit and nut best smoking wood can be shipped straight to your doorstep so it can be used in your grill, smoker, fireplace and chiminea. Our  firewood for sale is also the best wood for smoking and makes your food taste better! Are you interested in grilling seafood and vegetables or your favorite beef, chicken or pork? Upchurch Firewood and Smoking Wood ™ is the leader of the best smoking wood and cooking wood. Find everything you need here online. Begin your ordering now for the highest quality firewood and best smoking wood and cooking wood in the nation. We are a leading Santa Fe Pinion wood dealer and we can ship our Santa Fe Pinion firewood for sale straight to you. It's a amazing aromatic firewood that smells wonderful and repels bugs and mosquitoes in the summer time! Pinion wood is the best natural insect repellant. We ship nationwide so your best smoking wood can end up on your doorstep in a timely manner.


Best Smoking Wood for beef, seafood, pork and chicken

The best smoking wood options in America have quite a selection to pick from. It depends what you are looking for in your cooking and it also matters where these certain firewood for sale options are. Most best smoking woods you will have to ship in to be able to have them for use in your BBQ smoker. Here is the midwest we have a large smoking wood palette to work from.   To order our Best Smoking Wood now CLICK HERE Hickory wood with Pecan wood - Let's say you are ready to smoke some great BBQ pork ribs and you are looking for a dynamite best smoking wood to use. In years of experience, there is a mix...

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Smoking wood pellets

Smoking wood pellets are a great addition to all your cooking foods and smoking meats and more. They are easy to work with and easy to use. To order Smoking wood pellets now CLICK HERE The directions for using smoking wood pellets are to soak them in water for 15 minutes. Some chefs also soak their pellets in certain fruit juices like apple and pineapple juice. Use apple for the most of your cooking but use pineapple for grilling and smoking chicken only. Smoking wood pellets come in many different flavors for all kinds of cooking applications. We also have our exotic and exclusive smoking wood pellet combinations. One unique combination we have is Hickory smoking wood pellets mixed with Pecan...

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