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Why buy from our Cooking Store? 

1.) The owner is a college degreed Professional Horticulturist. You receive the best advice with trees and nature and uses in cooking.

2.) We are the ONLY indoor firewood corporation in the nation. This keeps your product INDOORS out of natures elements. This insures you a drier and higher quality product. You will always pay much more for a wet product others ship you.

3.)  Shipping included

4.) We only use Organic control in our facility for cleaner wood and is always very safe for you and your family.

5.) The owner will personally prepare your order for better accuracy and pride.

best smoking wood


Smoking Wood for sale

 Smoking wood for sale is the specialty at Upchurch Smoking Wood and Cooking Supply. We have a very wide selection of cooking wood for sale and smoking wood for sale. Firstly, is to decide what it is you are going to be cooking and smoking. If you are going to be cooking a lot of different meats and foods then one of the best smoking wood for sale is pecan smoking wood. It is not overbearing and will cook a wide selection of food well.  To order Smoking Wood for sale CLICK HERE If you are needing a smoking wood for sale for a particular meat then there are various options to pair your smoking wood for sale with the...

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Smoking Wood

Smoking wood is our specialty here at Upchurch Smoking Wood and Firewood. We have one of the largest selection in the nation because of the wide range of cooking wood and smoking wood we have available. One of our best smoking wood options lately has been the Hickory wood mix with Pecan wood. It goes well with all kinds of meats including pork ribs, chicken, pork, deer meat and more.  To order Smoking Wood now CLICK HERE When you are using smoking wood for sale there are various applications you need to consider. You need to know the type of smoking wood you need to have paired with your meat and vegetables being cooked.  One smoking wood that should seldom...

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